Pollen Filters


Having a pollen cabin filter, fitted to your car is very important because it will eliminate the pollen and dust and micro particles in the air.

This pollen is harmful to your health. It’s a common allergen that can cause harmful health issues for some individuals. When pollen is inhaled, it can irritate the nasal passages and cause symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes. Pollen filters are particularly important for people with asthma, as exposure to pollen can trigger an asthma attack.

Apart from the important health benefits, if there is no pollen filter fitted to your car, then the pollen and dust will collect on the inside of the car and the cabin will become very smelly.

The pollen filter just like the engine air filter should be checked at each service.  No mechanic will advise you to not to have an air filter on your engine. Why would you not protect you lungs?