Overheating, Steam from under bonnet, Warning Light red?

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Should you be a member of a roadside assist program please call them and have the car towed in. Should you require the name of a towing service please call us we can give you a phone number.

Most overheating radiator problems can be repaired within 24 hours

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Coolant and glycol is added to the water in your radiator to avoid corrosion. These additives lower the freezing point of the water in your radiator and increase the boiling point. They also reduce heat, corrosion and deterioration of metal surfaces including aluminum cylinder heads and water pumps.

There’s no guesswork – we use specific tests to ensure the correct mix of water/coolant /glycol for your vehicle. Once again, a routine service which if performed regularly can avoid costly, unnecessary repairs.

There are many reasons why cars overheat they not all due to faulty radiators. We do a thorough investigation before giving you a recommendation.When doing a radiator fluid change, Radiator flush, my mechanics follow all the following procedures

  • Remove heater hose at fire wall or heater tap,
  • Block bottom radiator hose,
  • Flow clear water into heater until clear water exits from cylinder head outlet,
  • Reverse process feeding clean water into cylinder head outlet until clear water exits,
  • Unblock bottom radiator hose. Block off heater hose and flush,
  • Refit heater hose cylinder head outlet,
  • Flow clear water through radiator,
  • Reconnect bottom hose to radiator,
  • Fit air lift evacuation tool to radiator,
  • Fit air lift evacuation tool to filler hole,
  • Evacuate air from cooling system to create a vacuum,
  • Lock off and test for leaks with vacuum gauge,
  • Remove expansion reservoir where possible and clean out algae and deposits,
  • Refit reservoir and fill with coolant mix to correct level
  • If no leaks present fill premix coolant / water to cooling system,
  • Run engine to check operation of thermostat,
  • Continue running until fan operates
  • Allow system to cool, remove cap for final top up and refit cap,

Thirty years ago when I bought Gil Auto Bondi Junction (previously Safer Brakes) if a mechanical workshop stocked 5 different chemical coolants it would have been enough to service most vehicle's radiators.
We stock over 20 different chemical coolants to cater for all the various makes we service. After flushing incorrect radiator coolants we re-fill the radiator with the manufacturer's specified coolant.
Not all chemical coolants are compatible with each other. Mixing different types can have disastrous consequences on you radiator and engine.
Modern cars especially the European vehicles are using unique chemical coolants specified by their makers. Unless the correct chemical coolants is used the warranty would be voided. The function of chemical coolant added to the cooling system radiator are complex chemicals liquid which help prevent freezing in cold climates, so that cars can operate in sub zero temperatures, and boil at a higher temperature.
Radiator Overheating? Car Cooling System Radiators Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs. Repairs mostly completed "Same Day" Possible Problems, Faulty thermostat, Ruptured water pipes, Faulty Radiator Cap, Radiator leakingFault in Engine

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I am a NRMA approved workshop repairer

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