Brake Fluid needs replacing at least every two

Gil Auto car repairs brakes and service

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Your car stops because of the friction between the brake pads the the brake rotors.

This friction generates heat which is transferred through the calipers to the brake fluid. Moisture in the brake fluid will lower the boiling point and compromise your safety. As the fluid boils it gives off bubbles, Hydraulic systems only work efficiently when there is no air in the system.

Yes certainly your life depends on your being able to stop your car in the shortest possible distance. The more moisture in the brake fluid the sooner it will boil resulting in greater stopping distances.

No the critical time is when the brake fluid has absorbed too much moisture, Every time we service your car we check the moisture content to ensure that you do not suffer from brake fade due to too high moisture content.

This not a good idea. The reason for the fluid being low should be investigated. The car should not be driven.

As a brake specialist we have a large range of brake fluids which cover nearly all makes and models on the market. In the very unlikely event of us not your particular fluid, there is no compromise

If the brake fluid reservoir needs topping up this is an indication that you might gave a leak. The reason for the fluid being low should be investigated. The car should not be driven.

Of course you can.We understand family issues arise. Family always comes first. People get called into work at the last moment. Just phone 0293898224 or TXT 0414308199 and will change to a new date to suit you

We are open from to 6.00 pm Mondays to Fridays.
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Phone 0293898224 or 0414308199
We are a NRMA approved workshop repairer

Special fluids for each makemof car

Yes they are! Prices vary by make and model. The price we quote is the price you will pay. Phone us to check your fixed price. 0293898224 or 0414308199

Simply call us 0293898224 or 0414308199 and speak to (Gil or Harold) or book online top left hand corner "Book an Appointment" 

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Pass through two traffic lights,

We are the yellow building in your left . Phone to book in 0293898224 0414308199

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