Motor Car Battery Tested and Replaced "While you Wait"


  • We ensure you do not loose your radio code when fitting your new car battery
  • The batteries we supply have a two year warranty except the "Stop/Start" batteries which have only 18 months warranty
  • All old defective batteries are sent to authorised recyclers. We accept old dead batteries for re-cycling.
  • Modern cars require computer programming when replacing the battery, we have the equipment and knowledge to do this.
  • Do not allow road side assist personnel to replace your battery unless they can both save the data in the computer, your radio code and are able to program your computer to recognize the new battery.
  • Parasitic Battery Drain, what you need to know... PARASITIC BATTERY DRAIN

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We test your battery three ways to discover it's true condition

Gil Auto recycling of all automotive batteries to EPA certified battery recyclers

1. We test each cell's acid with a hydrometer (Sealed batteries excepted)
2. We electronically A/C ripple test the battery
3. We load test with carbon pile tester
4. Test Alternator output to ensure that it was not the charging rate that caused your problem.

Large stock of batteries always on hand at Gil Auto

Getting batteries into perspective

Learn about: Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Repair

Penlight batteries, in the photo below, are both 1.5volt DC batteries. The larger the battery the longer it will deliver the 1.5volt voltage. All batteries have negative (-) and positive (+) connections. If we were to lay say 6 batteries side by side lying parallel to each other and connect all the negative (-) terminals together and then all the positive (+) terminals ends together they would still only deliver 1.5 volts. This is called connecting the batteries in parallel.
On the other hand if we were to lay the batteries in a straight line and connect the positive(+) to the negative end of the battery in front of it and so on up the line to the sixth battery. The voltage now measured from the negative (-) from the bottom battery to the positive (+) of the top battery it would measure 9 volts DC (1.5+1.5+1.5+1.5+1.5+1.5). This is called connecting them in "Series".

A normal car battery has 6 cells connected in series. because of the different chemicals used each cell produces 2 volts DC. As there are six cells connected in series the output voltage is 12 volts DC   All hybrid or EV (Electric Vehicle) cars battery cells are connected in series due to the different chemicals they use they produce only 1.2 Volts DC each. In the Toyota Prius for example six cells come packed in series in a plastic holder. These 28 plastic holders are places in a frame so that that too can be connected in series. The resulting output voltage is (1.2 * 6 * 28) 201.6 volts DC.  the number of packs do vary from make to make and model to model.

Yes they are! Prices vary by make and model. The price we quote is the price you will pay. Phone us to check your fixed price.

Phone 0293898224 or 0414308199
We are a NRMA approved workshop repairer

Has your battery gone flat a number of times?
  • Parasitic drainage can cause your battery to continually drain.
  • This can take a few days.
  • These types of faults take longer to inspect and cannot be done on a while you wait.

Available also a large range of batteries for car remote entry keys. All fitted while you wait

  • My customers appreciate personal service.
  • I meet and greet you when you arrive.
  • I personally supervise every single job.
  • After the initial inspection I contact you in regard to any issues your car might have.
  • We will discuss the issues and your options.
  • I will follow your instructions.
  • There will be no nasty surprises at the end of the day.
  • I have owned Gil Auto since 1989 and have third generation family members as customers.
  • The NRMA recognises our technical expertise and mechanical competence.
We also test and replace Stop/Start Car batteries.


Phone 0293898224 or 0414308199
We are a NRMA approved workshop repairer

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