What Is AdBlue ?


Do I need an appointment?

While adding Adblu is not a while you wait job you do not need an appointment. Pop in leave your car with us for a couple of hours and we will call you when it is ready to collect.

Why do I have to use Adblu?

To meet the stringent emission limits set by European standards (Euro 6) – which is the standard for the control of emissions of new vehicles is an exhaust treatment system called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). This was developed by the German Association of Automotive Industry. The aim was to markedly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) being released into the atmosphere. Nitrogen oxide is both harmful to people and the environment it can cause both muscular and repertory issues.

What is Adblu?

AdBlu  Is the trade name for “Diesel Exhaust Fluid”. It is a mixture of deionized water 65% and urea 32.5% This fluid is non-toxic and odorless and colourless. Never the less care should be taken handling the fluid as it can be corrosive on metal parts.  Urea is a soluble organic compound containing 46% nitrogen.

Adblu is not a fuel additive. It must not be added to the diesel fuel tank.

If you do accidentally pour Adblu into the fuel tank, don’t start the motor. The fuel tank will need to be emptied as it will corrode fuel lines and damage the engine.

Adblu works with the exhaust gasses after they come out of the engine. It is stored in a separate storage tank with its own inlet

How do I know when I need more Adblu?

An image similar to the one above will appear on your dashboard. Please do not ignore this, run out of Adblu and the car will not start!  

Be advised that your car will not start if you fail to refill the AdBlue tank before it runs completely dry

Engines can work without Adblu but the cars have specific programming stopping the engine working when the Adblu and been used up. This is a safety measure to ensure that noxious gasses with not be released into the atmosphere.

On the other hand don’t be tempted to overfill the Adblu tank. As the Adblu can form crystals at the reservoir inlet opening. At this stage roadside assistance mechanics are carrying Adblu in their vans. When the symbol appears on the dashboard make an appointment and get your car to your mechanic.

As a rule of thumb, your car will use about 500mm of Adblu for every 500 kilometers travelled.

Can I Top Up Adblu to my can myself?

This is not recommended! Adblu can deteriorate it should always be tested before use it has a shelf life of about 12 months if stored correctly.

It is not like topping up your windscreen wiper fluid, don’t be fooled by the fact that it is colourless.
It is highly corrosive and can damage your paint work.
Pig’s urine is not a substitute. (Urban Myth)
Antifreeze or even plain water cannot be added to Adblu
Adblu is not a fuel additive

How does it work?

In this diagram the one sees the Adblu is sprayed into the exhaust fumes before the catalytic convertor. The quantity of Adblu is very carefully monitored to ensure maximum efficiency. The Adblu then reacts with the nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gasses and, via the catalytic converter, is transformed into nitrogen and water. This takes place at very high temperatures.