Timing Belt / cambelt changes with water pumps. appointed NRMA approved repairer 1998

Our mechanics consider ourselves experts at replacing timing belts. We have the knowledge and the specialised tools

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This depends of the type of engine of your car. Your log book will generally nominate a distance traveled or the age at which you should replace it. If you don't have a log you need to check with us whether the engine in your car is an "interference" type or not. 

In interference type engines  if the split second timing  is out of synchronization the valves and the pistons will impact on each other and cause major damage to the engine costing thousands of dollars to repair.
The bottom half of the engine houses the pistons which rotate the camshaft which ultimately turns the wheels of the car. The top half of the engine houses the intake and outlet valves which need to open with milli second precision. The timing belt running from the camshaft to the valves maintains this critical timing. 

No. But bear in mind that the manufactures have produced hundreds of thousands of vehicles over many decades and have formulated their recommendations based on their vast experience. 

The top and bottom of the engine must be absolutely lock in position before the timing belt is removed and only unlocked after the new belt is in place. We have the locking tools to ensure we in no way disturb the manufacturer's settings.  

We prefer to have the car for two days?

In most cases the water pump and pulley idlers need to be accessed while changing the timing belt. This is a labour intensive job so that while the water pump and idles are exposed it is good practice to replace them at the same time.

Remove air intake tube
Removed belt cover
Removed alternator belt
Removed air conditioning belt
Remove radiator cooling fan wiring connector
Remove radiator fan mount bolts
Remove fans
Remove power steering reservoir from mount and rest on engine guard
Raised vehicle
Remove stone trays
Set engine in timing belt removal position, not top dead centre as with most other makes
Hold engine
Remove front crank pulley bolt
Remove crank pulley
Remove radiator drain plug
Drain coolant from radiator
Dispose of coolant
Remove bottom radiator hose from thermostat housing
Remove thermostat housing bolts
Remove thermostat and housing
Inspect housing for seal damage and housing deterioration
Replace thermostat
Replace thermostat seal
Remove camshaft timing belt tensioner tension
Remove camshaft timing belt
Remove tensioner mount bolts
Remove tensioner and roller
Inspect roller for bearing noise, bearing free play and loss of lubricant
Inspect hydraulic tensioner operation
Remove tooth idler
Remove lip idler no 1
Remove idler no2
Inspect idlers for bearing noise, bearing free play and loss of lubricant
Remove oil pump
Remove oil seal front
Remove oil seal rear
Remove RTV
Retention oil pump backing plate screws
Inspect sealing surfaces
Replace rear oil pump seal
Apply RTV to rear oil pump
Press oil pump front seal into housing
Refit oil pump
Remove water pump
Clean sealing surfaces
Inspect sealing surfaces
Replace water pump gasket
Replace water pump
Replace camshaft timing belt idler no 1
Replace camshaft timing belt idler no 2
Replace camshaft timing belt idler toothed
Replace camshaft timing tensioner and roller
Replace camshaft timing belt
Release tension pin
Inspect tensioner operation
Rotate engine 2 rotations and realign timing marks
Inspect alignment
Fit belt tension gauge to belt
Inspect belt tension, compare to specification
Reassemble all of the above
Refit crankshaft pulley bolt
Tension bolt to specified torque
Fit air evacuation tool to cooling system
Pulled cooling system down to neg 24 in vacuum
Lock off valve
Hold at vacuum to inspect for leaks
No leaks
Charged system with glycol\inhibitor

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