Gil and Harold to the rescue… One of our long standing clients phoned us to book his car in for attention. He reported an odour problem, his vehicle had an unexplained “strong smell of burnt Vegemite toast”.

We brought the car into the Gil Auto workshop, we opened the bonnet and lo and behold there was the remnants of a piece of burnt Vegemite toast.

It is well known that rats scavenge edible garbage in winter and seek somewhere warm to enjoy it… the clients engine bay was the perfect dark warm spot.

Gil removed the toast and as rats hate the smell of naphthalene balls he placed some in the vehicles engine bay. When the owner came to collect the car that evening he learned of the solution and that it was to be a no charge job. With a grateful smile, he whipped out his camera and took a photograph of Gil and Harold.

A few days later he returned with the caricature picture as a gift. What a nice gesture! What an excellent job he did. We gladly recommend his business which is in Bondi Junction, anybody wanting his contact for a caricature services, please call Harold on 044308199.