Comprehensive car insurance for electric vehicles (EVs) tends to be more expensive


Battery Replacement. One of the most costly aspects of an EV repairs is the battery. Damage to the battery can be particularly expensive to fix or replace. Replacing one bank, or even a portion of a bank of the EV battery the battery pack. Separating the outer compartment of the battery pack, removing the outer, cleaning the sealant off , applying new seal, is a very laborious task.

While the cleaning of the seal itself might be considered low tech the number of hours involved make it expensive.

Repair Costs. EVs often have specialised components and technology which are expensive which ICE cars do not have. ICE cars engines are very seldom damaged while high voltage EV batteries are very vulnerable to either side or rear impact.

Technological Complexity. The advanced technology in EVs, such as autonomous driving features and sophisticated electronics, adds to repair complexity and costs.

Specialist Technicians: Fewer mechanics are already fully trained in EV repairs, leading to higher labour costs for specialized services. Theoretically a percentage of mechanics are training to handle EV repairs. While in the classroom understanding technology is all very well but to become proficient is going to take 5 years of hands on experience. Gil has been working on hybrids since 2006 so is well placed with EV technology.

Availability of Spares Especially outside the major metropolitan cities spare parts for EVs may not be as readily available as those for petrol or diesel cars, leading to longer repair times and higher costs.

Insurance   The EV market is still relatively young. Insurance companies have decades of data in relation to ICE vehicles. With no long term data on, or long term accident repairs they cannot compared comprehensive cost to those of traditional ICE vehicles.  Insurers need to adopt a cautious approach.