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Nissan Xtrail clutch replacement

Gil Sher - Wednesday, March 08, 2017
Nissan Xtrail clutch replacement
Remove battery connection
Raise vehicle on hoist
Remove front wheels
Remove all upper connections to transmission
Fit eagle support to hold engine and transmission
Remove lower front suspension arm mount bolts from chassis frame
Remove steering track rod end ball joint from axle knuckles
Remove driveshaft inner bearing mount support bolts
Remove drive shafts from transaxle
Remove exhaust at engine pipe flange
Support exhaust system
Remove exhaust front to rear
Remove tail shaft mount bolts
Mark tail shaft position on transfer
Remove tail shaft assembly
Support sub frame
Remove sub frame mount bolts
Removed complete front sub frame
Drain transmission fluid
Drain transfer case fluid
Remove transfer case side mount
Remove transfer case mount bolts
Remove transfer case from transaxle to access bolt between transmission and transfer case
Remove all bell housing bolts
Remove transmission mount bolts
Remove transmission assembly
Remove clutch plate
Remove clutch fork arm
Remove release  bearing
Inspect transmission nose cone
Inspect clutch fork arm
Inspect clutch for arm pivot ball
Lubcricate pivot ball and fork arm
Replace release bearing
Remove clutch pressure plate
Remove clutch plate
Remove flywheel mount bolts
Remove flywheel
Replace dual mass flywheel
Replace clutch plate
Replace pressure plate
Refill transmission fluid
Refill transfer case fluid
Carry out wheel alignment